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Sonji Cosby is a wife, mother, journalist, blogger and marketer who is PASSIONATE about helping people, especially working parents who want to spend more time with their family.

A native of Baltimore who now lives in Dallas, Sonji has two young boys and truly understands what it’s like to have children who want more of their parent’s time.  We are talking about kids who want their mom and dad’s involvement in their daily activities, boys and girls who want to be picked up right after school instead of having to go to after-school care, sons and daughters who desire to have their parents attend every field trip, dance recital and soccer game. And precious little lambs who don’t want to hear their parents utter those dreadful words, “Sorry honey, but I have to work!”

Children grow up at the blink of an eye and sadly many parents look up years later and feel terrible that they missed it all. So, Sonji’s vision is to have the “rat race” become a thing of the past for thousands of people who want to experience a better way of life for themselves and their loved ones.

How is Sonji bringing her vision into reality?

Sonji is currently working with a group of industry leaders who have already established six and seven figure annual incomes working from home, and a company whose mission is to create as many millionaires as possible.

If you are SERIOUS about learning how to build a successful business online, and you are coachable and trainable, you should consider becoming a part of Sonji’s Success Team.  Sonji is only interested in working with driven individuals who are success-minded and have a positive entrepreneurial spirit.

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